Quantum Information

Quantum Information is an extremely exciting area of contemporary physics that has attracted much attention in the last years. An increasing number of important results from both theoretical and experimental fields are changing our basic understand of physics, specially the foundations of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Beyond this, the applications of quantum information to technological developments allow us to dream about processing information at the quantum level.


Quantum Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics lies at the very basis of physics and the great social and technological improvement in human life brought by its development can hardly be quantified. Now, how can we extend, and until what level, the laws of macroscopic thermodynamics to the quantum world? Is that possible to do thermodynamics in small, out-of-equilibrium quantum systems? It seems that Quantum Information holds the key to answer such deep questions. This is the field of quantum thermodynamics. 


Quantum Optics

The main goal of our research in quantum optics is to study processes of light-matter interaction aiming to develop protocols to achieve quantum teleportation, quantum states engineering, Hamiltonians engineering, quantum logic gates, among others. Also, we analyze the role of the losses during the whole protocols by means of phenomenological techniques aiming to simplify the estimative for the fidelities in these protocols. We are as well interested in the dynamics of quantum correlations and of the statistical properties of quantum states.


Individual research interests

Dr. Ardiley T. Avelar is interested in quantum optics, quantum information, relativistic quantum information, foundations of quantum mechanics, and classical and quantum field theory (with particular applications in BEC and optical fiber).


Prof. Basilio Baseia devotes his research on the study of new states of the light field with applications in quantum communication protocols.


Dr. Lucas C. Céleri's research is focused on the foundations of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics as seem from the quantum information lenses. The relations between relativity, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics are also of great interest. He is mainly a theoretical physicist, but also work with experimental physics, specially in nuclear magnetic resonance and quantum optics. Some basic questions in which he is interested is: Why quantum mechanics? What are the limits imposed by thermodynamics on information processing? Is it possible to understand gravity from the informational point of view? and so on...


Dr. Norton G. de Almeida has particular interest in foundations of quantum mechanics, specially on the incompatibility between hidden variable theories and quantum mechanics stemming from entanglement and/or quantum correlations.


Dr. Wesley Bueno Cardoso has been interested in research in the areas of quantum communication and in the dynamics of quantum systems such as Bose-Einstein condensates and those modeled by networks of coupled oscillators. The main points are: Quantum teleportation, implementation of quantum communication protocols, entanglement dynamics, open systems, Anderson localization, solitons, etc..